Healthy Choices

Hi this is Shelby and I was bored so I decided to post something that happened a couple months ago. So Mom had caffeine free coke and caffeine free Pepsi out and she told us that we could have one. Molly grabbed a Pepsi and decided that she wanted a coke, so she asked mom, ” If I drink all my Pepsi, can I have a coke?” I guess Pepsi is more healthy then coke…

carving soap

my friends and i(Kelly) carved shapes out of soap using butter knifes. i made this one,
shay made this one,
and Alexa made this one.

Karen’s been working hard on making this quilt for Kelly, which turned out wonderful. Kelly loves it!


Dinner is on Casey Tonight!

So we left Casey home from church today since he had a bit of a sore throat. After we left he started feeling better so he surprised all of us by making dinner! We have good kids who do kind things like this. We’re very lucky to have them. Thanks for dinner Case!


Shelby’s 9th Birthday!

Happy Birthday Shelby! She’s 9 today!



Christmas Eve 2012

Here’s the annual picture we try to get each year of the kiddies in their new Christmas jammies (Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Player), right before they attempt to sleep on Christmas Eve.



Goofy Molly

goofy mooly

I (Kelly) decided to post this really goofy picture of Molly. The funniest thing is that she didn’t even try to make a funny face, it was just one of those times were your face looks a little “different” (:


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